Michael Blackson

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About Michael Blackson


  • Apr 9th-12th Improv Washington, DC
  • Apr 15th Omaha Funnybone Omaha NE
  • Apr 17th The Venue Gainsville, FL
  • Apr 18th Holiday Inn Sycamore Ballroom, Matteson, IL
  • Apr 19th River Center Arena Baton Rouge, IL
  • Apr 23- 24th St. Kitts
  • May 14th Funny Bone - Toledo, OH
  • May 15th Shaq All-Star Cleveland
  • May 16th Shaq All-Star Louisville
  • May 17th Shaq All-Star Cincinnati
  • May 22nd Dominican Republic
  • May 23rd Baltimore, MD
  • August 7th - 9th Chuckles - Memphis
  • August both Comedy Connection - Providence, RI
  • August 21st Comedy Connection - Chicopee, MA
  • August 22nd Wilbur Theater - Boston, MA
  • August 25th - 26th Funny Bone - Virginia Beach, VA
  • August 27th - 29th Baltimore Comedy Factory - Baltimore, MD